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I promise I am going to do an update on travels soon, but there are just so many other things to blog about! Seeing as I have been MIA on my travel posts anyways, I figured everyone could wait another day or two! You can always check out pictures of recent adventures on facebook!

This coming Saturday marks the 5 week countdown to my return back to the US. For some study-abroaders, this is welcome news. They have loved their time here but are ready to head back to the homestead. For me, this news breaks my heart a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love America and feel so blessed to call that amazing country my home. I just really LOVE Italy, and Europe in general! There is just something here that seems to be missing back home. The essence of Europe captivates your senses and there is just something magical in the air. Thousands of years of history surround you, some of the greatest destinations in the world are a 20€ Ryanair flight away and the people seem to just shine a little brighter. Every city in Europe has it’s own look and feel, it’s own personality and vibe. No two cities or experiences are alike. Travelling and experiencing these things firsthand makes you grow as a person, plain and simple.

VFNO with Eug, Delia and Meiwen
Nelson and Ethan

I have met some AMAZING people during my time here, who have changed me and my perceptions of the world. A huge part of travelling, as I have come to learn, is the people. Not necessarily where you go, but who is there. I have been so fortunate to make the most random and wonderful friends through travels. Whether it be sweet Jacline from Georgia interning at the EU, the Spanish boys from Madrid or our Canadian friends in London, these people all helped to shape my experiences during my travels. In Florence, I have also made some amazing friendships!
The Canadians- Chris, Sean and Adam
Spanish friends- Federico, Antonio, Pablo
 My rooms and I have dinner club once a week with Eugenia, Delia and Meiwen, three lovely ladies from San Diego! Ethan from my Italian class and his roommate Nelson are hilarious Southern boys and have also become great friends.

The four specific people who I have come to love so dearly and who have really made this experience for me are my roomies. Hayley and Ashtyn from Baylor, and Christy and Hannah from Point Loma. WOW. I am so blessed to be writing about these girls right now. 10 weeks ago today we all arrived in Italy a little excited and a lot nervous. I had briefly met Hayley and Ashtyn through our mutual friend Tracie at Baylor, and I had never spoken to the other two. They are now some of my closest friends. It is amazing how well they know me and can read my thoughts. It feels like we have all been friends for years, not months. I could write a ridiculously long blog post on each of these girls and how much they mean to me, but I will restrain and simply say this: These four are life friends and I am so excited for the MANY adventures we will have together in the future! We are already planning a post graduation trip!!

When I left for Europe, I viewed this trip as a culmination of all things cool and worldly. I fancied myself a global-minded person and thought studying abroad for a semester was the pinnacle of being a world traveler. At that point in my life it was. I now see this experience not as a peak, but as a launching point. This is just the beginning of my world travels!! Until next time…Arrivaderci! 

Photo credits: The VFNO picture is Eugenia's and the picture of the Canadians is Ashtyn's!

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